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When choosing a yoga ball for a desk chair, it is essential to consider the height of the person sitting in the chair and the width of the ball. A standard ball for a desk chair should be approximately 55 centimeters wide, but if you are tall, you may want to purchase a 75-centimeter ball. In addition to height, adjustability is an essential factor to consider. By weighing the benefits and adjustability of the yoga ball against the height of the desk chair, you’ll be able to make the right purchase.

Choosing the Right Size of Yoga Ball

Before buying a yoga ball for your desk chair, you need to know your height and the diameter of your chair. Stand with your feet facing forward and knees bent at the right angle. You should also use a tape measure to ensure an accurate measurement. The larger the ball, the better, but you should choose one four inches higher than the height of your chair. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a yoga ball that is too large for your desk chair.

Choose a ball with a diameter that is four inches larger than your chair’s seat. A larger ball will help you sit comfortably on it and prevent your legs from slipping. The ball should be firm enough so your knees and hips are bent at a 90-degree angle when you sit. If you don’t want to have any back pain, get a more giant ball, which will also cause your chair to deflate slightly.


Using a yoga ball to sit in your desk chair can help improve your circulation and strength. When you sit for long periods of time, your core muscles tend to get weaker because of the weight you are bearing. Sitting on a desk chair can also cause your circulation to decrease, so the use of a yoga ball can increase it. It is also great for women who need to adjust the height of their keyboard or monitor.

One of the biggest benefits of a yoga ball desk chair is its ability to improve posture. Sitting in an unnatural posture can cause back and neck pain. Many people are working from bed or sitting on a different desk than theirs. The yoga ball will help keep your posture upright and help reduce your lower back pain. This can help you be more productive and reduce your risk of back and neck pain.


Depending on the type of office chair, you can choose between adjustable desk chairs with a fixed base. The first option is ideal for everyone, as it can be adjusted in height and width to accommodate most users. However, it requires a separate length adapter, which may not be easy to find. The adjustable ball may not hold its inflation well over time. This option may not be suitable for those with back problems.

Another problem with using gym balls as desk chairs is that they do not meet the DSE’s regulations for office seating. The DSE, which is similar to OSHA in the United States, recommends that employees use a chair that is stable and provides adequate back support. Most offices use fixed-height desks, so gym balls won’t offer the right height for proper work posture. Moreover, a desk chair with a gym ball will be a poor choice if you’re a tall person.


The height of a yoga ball is not the same as that of an office chair. You will need to measure your height first to ensure it will fit. To measure your height, stand with your legs slightly apart and your knees at a 45-degree angle. Also, wear no shoes, and make sure you have enough space to stretch your legs and arms. You can use a tape measure to make sure you are measuring accurately. If you are concerned about back problems or if your legs are longer than your chair’s height, you should get a bigger ball.

The right height of a yoga ball for your desk chair is a key consideration. You should ensure the ball is four inches higher than the desk chair. You can also purchase a larger ball if you’re taller than average. When selecting the height of your desk chair and the height of your desk, keep in mind the size of your legs, which may require adjusting your height. Depending on your height and the height of your desk chair, you may need a larger ball.


A yoga ball for a desk chair is an affordable piece of furniture that can enhance the quality of your workday. A chair made of a yoga ball is ideal for those who sit for long periods. These chairs are suitable for those looking to improve their posture and reduce the strain on their back and shoulders. They are also highly comfortable and can even improve the safety of your work area. A yoga ball chair will cost approximately $100.

You can purchase a ball of various sizes. You should choose one that is not too small. The Aeromat Ball Chair Deluxe is a good example, as it offers all the benefits of an ordinary office chair while being sturdy and comfortable. You will also need to purchase a ring base for the ball, which is made of PVC. You should be careful to inflate the ring correctly to avoid over-inflation.

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