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How to Make a Cushion for Queen Chair




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Hey there!

Ever sat in a chair that just didn’t provide the comfort you needed? Well, worry no more because I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to make a cushion for your queen chair. We’ll go through the process step by step, from choosing the right fabric to sewing the cushion cover and adding attachments.

By the end, you’ll have a custom-made cushion that’ll make your chair fit for royalty.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Consider durability and style when choosing fabric for the cushion.
  • Different types of cushion fillings available, such as foam, polyester, and down feathers.
  • Measure and cut the foam according to the size of the chair seat.
  • Choose the right attachment method, such as Velcro or ties, based on style and functionality.

Choosing the Right Fabric

When choosing the right fabric for your cushion, it’s important to consider durability and style. There are different types of cushion fillings available, such as foam, polyester, and down feathers.

Foam is a popular choice for its firmness and support, while polyester provides a softer feel. Down feathers offer a luxurious and plush cushioning experience.

To maintain the fabric’s quality, it’s essential to follow a few tips. Firstly, choose a fabric that is easy to clean and resistant to stains. Look for materials that have a high rub count, indicating their durability. Additionally, consider the color and pattern of the fabric to ensure it complements the overall aesthetic of the chair.

Now that we have selected the fabric, let’s move on to measuring and cutting the foam for our cushion.

Measuring and Cutting the Foam

Start by measuring and cutting the foam to the desired size. Choosing the right density is crucial for a comfortable cushion. It’s important to consider the weight and usage of the cushion when selecting the foam.

Once you have the foam, follow these steps to shape it:

  • Measure the length, width, and depth of the chair seat to determine the size of the foam.
  • Use a sharp knife or electric foam cutter to cut the foam according to your measurements.
  • Take your time and make precise cuts to ensure a clean and professional finish.
  • If needed, sand the edges of the foam to smooth out any roughness.

Shaping the foam is an essential step in creating a cushion that fits perfectly on your queen chair.

With the foam cut and shaped, we can now move on to sewing the cushion cover, where we will bring the cushion to life with fabric and thread.

Sewing the Cushion Cover

To sew the cushion cover, you’ll need a sewing machine, fabric, and thread.

First, measure and cut the fabric according to the size of your cushion. It’s important to leave extra fabric for seam allowance.

Next, fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and pin the sides together. Using a straight stitch on your sewing machine, sew along the pinned edges, leaving one side open for inserting the cushion.

Once the sides are sewn, trim the excess fabric and clip the corners to reduce bulk. Turn the cover right side out and press it with an iron to smooth out any wrinkles.

Now, you’re ready to add velcro or ties for attachment, which will ensure that your cushion stays in place.

Adding Velcro or Ties for Attachment

Once you’ve sewn the sides of the cushion cover, it’s time to attach Velcro or ties for a secure fit.

Both Velcro and ties have their pros and cons when it comes to cushion attachments.

Velcro provides a convenient way to fasten the cushion to the chair. It allows for easy removal and reattachment, making it ideal for cushions that need to be frequently washed or replaced.

On the other hand, ties offer a more traditional and decorative look. They can be made from various materials such as ribbons or fabric strips. Ties provide a secure fit and are less likely to come undone.

Consider the style and functionality you desire when choosing between Velcro and ties for your cushion attachment.

Now, let’s move on to inserting the foam and adding the finishing touches to complete your cushion.

Inserting the Foam and Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve chosen between Velcro and ties, it’s time to insert the foam and add the finishing touches to complete your cushion. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Measure and cut the foam: Use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of your cushion cover. Cut a piece of foam to fit these dimensions. Make sure the foam is the appropriate thickness for your desired level of comfort.

  2. Insert the foam: Open the zipper on your cushion cover and carefully slide the foam inside. Make sure it fits snugly and fills out the cover evenly.

  3. Add decorative trim: To give your cushion a polished look, consider adding decorative trim. There are various options available, such as piping, fringe, or tassels. Choose a trim that complements your chair and cushion fabric.

By following these steps, you’ll have a beautiful cushion for your queen chair. Don’t forget to explore alternative cushion filling materials like memory foam or down feathers for added comfort and durability.

Happy cushion-making!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Ensure That the Cushion Cover Is Removable for Easy Cleaning?

To ensure the cushion cover is easily removable for cleaning, I recommend making it with a hidden zipper. This will allow you to easily remove the cover whenever it needs washing, keeping your cushion clean and fresh.

Can I Use a Different Type of Closure, Such as a Zipper, Instead of Velcro or Ties for Attachment?

Yes, using a zipper as an alternative closure for cushion attachment is possible. Pros include a secure and tight fit, while cons include potential difficulty in removing and cleaning the cushion cover.

What Type of Foam Is Best for a Cushion That Will Be Used Frequently?

Choosing the right foam density for a frequently used cushion is crucial. It should be durable and resilient to maintain its shape. Regular maintenance, like fluffing and rotating, will also help prolong its lifespan.

How Do I Properly Clean and Maintain the Cushion Cover?

To properly clean and maintain the cushion cover, start by checking the care instructions. I like to vacuum it regularly, spot clean any stains, and occasionally wash it in the gentle cycle. Don’t forget to air dry!

Can I Use a Pre-Made Cushion Instead of Cutting and Shaping the Foam Myself?

Yes, you can use a pre-made cushion instead of cutting and shaping the foam yourself. The benefits of a pre-made cushion include saving time and effort. However, shaping the foam allows for a more customized fit and comfort.


In conclusion, making a cushion for your queen chair is a fun and rewarding DIY project. By following these steps, you can create a comfortable and stylish cushion that perfectly fits your chair.

Remember to choose a fabric that suits your style and measure and cut the foam precisely. Sewing the cushion cover and adding velcro or ties for attachment ensures a secure fit.

Finally, insert the foam and add any finishing touches. Voila! You’ll have a cushion fit for royalty, making your queen chair the throne of comfort.

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