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If you have a computer chair, reupholstering it can be a great way to improve its look and feel. There are a few steps you can take to reupholster your computer chair. For starters, you’ll need to remove the shell-like base on the bottom of the chair. Usually, the base is a wood surface that acts as a brace for the padding inside the chair. It will need to be separated from the seat and back so that you can apply the fabric. Once you’ve removed the base, you can attach the fabric to the chair using a screwdriver.

How to Repair and Reupholster a Computer Chair in just a few Easy Steps

You’re about to take your home office from a cramped, uncomfortable space to a sleek and modern one. But before starting, you must repair and reupholster the chair first. This is an important step in making your office more comfortable, and it won’t be the last. If you don’t take this step, you risk becoming frustrated with your chair and spend hours chasing after a solution that won’t work. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when repairing and reupholstering chairs:

  • Not following through with the project: Don’t give up on your chair just because it looks bad. Repair it as soon as possible so you can return to using it in a more comfortable setting!
  • Misunderstandings about what needs to be done: Make sure you understand your chair’s specific specifications before starting any repairs. This way,

Choosing the Right Fabric for Reupholstering a Computer Chair

There are many factors to consider when selecting a fabric for your reupholstered computer chair. The upholstery fabric should be durable and able to withstand everyday use. Durability is determined by a double rub test, which simulates rubbing the upholstery repeatedly. The higher the double rubs count, the more durable the fabric is. Commercial-grade materials are made to withstand double rubs of up to 30,000.

Cotton might be the best option for your reupholstering project if you have a limited budget. Cotton fabric is durable and wrinkle-free and is widely available. Since cotton is a natural material, it provides a cool place to sit. It is also breathable and is a good option if you spend long hours in your office. While leather is a more expensive option, it will last a long time in the office.

Light-fastness is another important factor to consider when reupholstering a computer chair. The fabric’s resistance to fading in sunlight is measured on an eight-level scale. This factor depends on how much exposure to light the chair receives. Fabrics with high light-fastness are recommended for offices where employees spend long hours working on their computers. You can find fabrics with this rating in many online stores.

Using a Screwdriver to Attach Fabric to A Computer Chair

If you want to reupholster a chair, the first step is to remove the existing fabric. The seat cushion usually has a fabric backing, which is the part that covers the wood at the bottom of the chair. To remove this part, use a screwdriver. The fabric backing can be reused. Then, use a sewing machine to attach the new fabric.

Depending on the chair you are working on, you may need to disassemble the chair to get at the fabric. You may need to remove the back pad by levering it out of its plastic casing. Before beginning, take note of the screws and bolts used. If you find any pieces that are not attached well, you can reuse them. Depending on the type of chair, you may want to use different types of hardware. If possible, you may want to use a screwdriver with a flat head. You can also use a butter knife or needlenose pliers to pry up staples. The store used staples in plastic bags to keep them clean.

Creating a DIY Office Chair Cover

The first step in creating a DIY office chair cover is to measure the seat and back of the chair. It’s important to measure the seat width and add about one-and-a-half inches for seam allowances. To cut the fabric, fold it with the right sides facing each other and pin the open ends of the fabric together. Cut the fabric at the desired width and stitch the pieces together. Leave a gap of about four to six inches in the center of the back edge.

If your office chairs are equipped with cords, use old drawstrings as a guide. Sew them along the sides and top. Once sewed, unpinning the fabric and pulling it through the chair’s casing will allow you to remove the cords. The elastic fabric will also help in keeping the cover on the chair. If you don’t have a drawstring, you can use a small piece of cording to hold the fabric together.

Next, you need to remove the old seat cushion. It is likely covered in a plastic or fabric backing. Be careful not to damage the fabric backing, but reuse it as a template. It’s also a good idea to remove the plastic or foam backing if you don’t want to have to reupholster the chair. This will ensure a proper fit. And don’t forget to check that the fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily.


If you’re looking to repair or reupholster a computer chair, you can take a few easy steps to get started. You can repair or reupholster your computer chair by finding the right tools and following a few simple steps.

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